"Food for Thought"


1.  Strange Case of Ice Cubes  
   This is a Physics experiment based Brain Teaser. The experiment is conducted on two same size ice cubes. Yes.. they are going to melt... But Why one melts first? A question for Curious mind.
2.  Visible Sun Rays?  
   A simple experiment to make sun rays "Visible". Question is what is visible when water is sprayed? The physical phenomenon behind the observation is expected to be explained. This is suitable for students of 7th standard onward.
3.  Rotating Egg and Ball!  
   The video shows behavior of rotating egg and a ball after these are momentarily completely stopped. They just continue to rotate! Why? An analysis will strengthen your understanding of inertia, friction and angular momentum.
4.  Singing glass  
   A simple demonstration of musical sound due to vibrations of a glass. Students must try various materials and observe what happens. Try gentle hitting on the rim. you can get all seven notes, after some experimentation. (Different level of water,glasses)
5.  Guess the winner - The case of falling objects  
   Video depicts a ball thrown from the surface of a table with three different horizontal velocities. The question is which one will hit the floor first? The physics of free falling objects will answer the question and of course will furnish the reason.