Human circulatory system  

Human circulatory system includes : 

Heart and Blood vessels.

Arteries, Veins and Capillaries

Circulatory System
3D model of heart   Group activity
Large sized detachable model showing internal structure with chambers, valves, veins and arteries

  Group activity

   You be the blood and flow through the heart.
Students play the role of blood and follow the path simulating functions of valves and blood circulation through heart using 10 feet large image


What will you learn?

The structure: 4 Chambers of heart: Auricles and ventricles, major arteries (Aorta, pulmonary artery) veins (Superior and Inferior vena cava, Pulmonary vein) and valves (Tricuspid and bicuspid valves).
Function: Rhythm and pumping of heart, Path of blood, Valves, Blood purification, Pulse rate, Blood pressure etc.

For curious mind : Use your brain!

What is the total volume of blood pumped per minute?
Why is heart located in the chest cavity?
What is a heart attack?
Is heart a pump of your body?
Do you know any animal without heart?

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